5/25/17: ‘Disjointed’- Zegama Skyrace, Basque Country

Zegama again!

After last years frozen in place experience I was thawed out and ready for this year.  Though I knew I was not in peak fitness, I thought I had plenty to have a good race here.

The day after I arrived I went for a great 10 mile run and the way I felt that day was the confidence booster I wanted going into this competitive race.

Racing morning and it seemed a green light for all systems go.  The mass start poured through the streets and headed up the first long climb and my legs felt heavy as can be, like lead.  Miles into it my legs didn’t really shake out of this feeling and my whole body felt disjointed.

It was a pretty miserable race.

I have had this phenomenon happen in both directions, you think you feel horrible going into a race an it turns out great or in this case, you think you feel great and you end up feeling horrible.

On to the next one.