4/30/16:’CHINA’-Yading Skyrace, Sichuan, China


When I was 18 years old, I already had the travel bug.  And I already knew that if I wanted to travel in my life I was going to need to find a way to make money while traveling. For a very short time I entertained all the various things you could import into the US in order to pay for a trip, Carhartt pants, at the time, was my number one idea. It was a idea that stemmed from my family hosting a French exchange student when I was young. She only brought 2 empty suitcases in order to buy Levi’s, Op T-shirts and Converse to wear and take home.  I figured Carhartts were the 21st century version of Levis.

I am not a sales person in the least and soon there after I figured my best chance to travel and have it pay for itself was through athletics.

Years later, and many countries traveled to, the Skyrunning calander was posted and before my eyes, the opening race of the SkySeries was in China! This was one of those opportunities I couldn’t say no to.  I had always wanted to go to China above many places.

Looking further into the race it seemed very remote (a bonus to me as most races I knew about were held in Hong Kong), it was relatively close to Tibet and furthermore it was located amongst three beautiful looking 19,000ft peaks.








Fading is far out there, and it did not disappoint.  Friendly people, great Sichuan cuisine and a stunning run.

Race day was blue sky.  Unfortunately I didn’t have access to my camera.  Regardless, it was one of those places that is difficult to capture by camera.