9/10/15: ‘America’, The Rut SkyRace, Montana



It looks simple enough, especially coming from the complexity of the Alps.

I was back in the USA briefly for America’s SkyRace in Big Sky Montana.  If there was one race I really wanted to win it was this one, it had a technical ridge and descent but most of it was actually very runnable which I welcomed after so much time in the steeps of Europe.  Also, for this one race in the SkySeries, we had switched places, I was at home and most of the other gals had just traveled from Europe.

This ridge line might look simple, but it is typical Rocky Mountain scree, dinner-plate size and loose!  Staying light on your feet is crucial, as is being aware of who is around you, as a rock or a whole section can easily slip out.

To me, again, it was like home. I loved hearing the familiar sound of the rock plates echo, and the feeling of the crisp morning turning into the warmth of a blue sky day.

After the descent I was free, refreshingly running cross country, U.S. style, to the finish line.