2009-2014: ‘Trail Running Roots’: LaSportiva Mountain Cups, USA


Way too much to describe (though some are highlighted in individual entries) in 29 races over 6 years.  To sum my experience up was that I was burning the candle at both ends during all of these years and this series was my sole reason for getting out of town within a very busy work schedule in a small isolated mountain town.  I was able to go to places in the USA that I would not have for any reason and because it was for trail races they were the prettiest spots in the states.  The vibe of being in the local races was amazing and every year there were a core number of us, that broke free from our 9-5’s for 24-48 hours, 5 times in the year to run our hearts out on the trails.  Not mountain running not ultra running, trail running ….just flat out running as fast as you can (always hilly).

My life has changed, and with this I leave the Mountain Cup.  Thanks to all the people who were involved on all levels and to all the good friends made.